1 december 2021

Sungrow: “The market is ready for home storage solutions”

Sungrow, one of the biggest manufacturers for PV inverters and ESS, recently dropped the big news of its new 3-phase Solution: a combination of the 3-phase Hybrid and the brand-new Residential Battery.

“We launched the 3-phase Hybrid almost 2 years ago, with compatibility with several battery brands. Its integrated backup funtion, easy installation and flexible operation capability has made it a success in the market,” says Andrea Polini, product manager for Hybrids and ESS at Sungrow. Launching the new Residential Battery is the next step of the company to further push the energy revolution. The 3-phase Solution allows the customer to get the whole system, Hybrid inverter plus Battery, delivered from one manufacturer. This offers some clear benefits for the installer but also for the end-customer: one manufacturer means one point of contact for the whole system. This may refer to installation, commissioning, service request or warranty conditions.

Lees meer: https://www.pveurope.eu/solar-storage/sungrow-market-ready-home-storage-solutions?fbclid=IwAR0zWc-w7yUDDwDcLoHqcAAqkY3wQRQlEKoOTavHz5j-G0_XcjeReaVygzA


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