25 september 2022

South Australia to be first gigawatt scale grid to meet all demand with rooftop solar

South Australia last October became the first major grid in the world to meet all its demand from solar. Some time in the next few months, the state is expected to become the first gigawatt scale grid in the world to meet all its demand just from rooftop solar.

The stunning milestone has been predicted by the Australian Energy Market Operator in its recently released Electricity Statement of Opportunities (ESOO), its annual assessment of demand and supply needs for the next five and ten years.

This year’s ESOO underlines the speed and the scale of the energy transition that is occurring in Australia, despite the lack of a coherent federal policy, and despite the fact that the rules of the market are still trying to catch up with the speed and flexibility of new technologies.

AEMO now considers reaching 100 per cent “instanteneous” … Lees meer –> https://reneweconomy.com.au/south-australia-to-be-first-gigawatt-scale-grid-to-meet-all-demand-with-rooftop-solar/


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