25 september 2022

NSW plans new scheme to help homes cut peak demand, including batteries


AEMC demand response decision Finger Pointing To Electric Meter Reading - optimised

The NSW government says it will launch a new energy efficiency scheme to reward households and businesses for cutting their energy use during peak periods, and shifting load to other times of the day, particularly when solar is dominating supply.

NSW energy minister Matt Kean said the scheme – due to come into effect at the end of 2022 – would be one of the first of its kind introduced globally, and was expected to help energy consumers save $1.2 billion in energy costs over 18 years to 2040.

The  scheme will target forms of energy use that are not time critical and can be shifted into periods when system demand is low, or potentially turned off for short periods.

Incentives will be provided to install products, such as household batteries or smart pool pumps, to help reduce demand during peak periods.

Lees meer: https://reneweconomy.com.au/nsw-plans-new-scheme-to-help-homes-cut-peak-demand-including-batteries/


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